We Supply pink and clear crystal vase craft decoration, Wholesale pink and clear crystal vase craft decoration and export pink and clear crystal vase craft decoration
  Beaded Garland Curtain
Ring Beaded Garland-YZA
BowTie Beaded Garland-YZA
Machine Beaded Garland-YZS YZL
Clasp Beaded Garland-YZN
Mirror Beaded Garland-YZJ
Hook Beaded Garland-YZN
Pearl Beaded Garland-YZB
Wire Beaded Garland-YZC
Rose Petal Garland-I
Wire Crystal Beaded Curtain-YZC
  Chandelier Prism Dropping
Bicone Wire Chandelier Prism-CDB
Clasp Chandelier Prism-CDL
Ring Chandelier Prism-CDB
Round Bead Chandelier Prism-CDY
Cube Chandelier Prism-CDL
Bowtie Chandelier Prism-CDT
Hook Chandelier Prism-CDE
Acrylic Crystal Garland Dropping-CDZ
  Wedding Tree & Holder
wedding tree
  Acrylic Jewelry Beads
Acrylic Butterfly Beads-YD
Acrylic Round Beads-YA
Acrylic Rose Beads-YF
Acrylic Oval Beads-YE
Acrylic Star Beads-YH
Acrylic Rivet Beads-YG
Acrylic Berry Rhinestone Beads-YP
Acrylic Heart Beads-YJ
Acrylic Leaf Beads-YU
Acrylic Letter or Number Beads-YR
Acrylic Square Cube Beads-YI
  Other Beads and Accessories
Vasa Stone-YT
Flower Stamen -FHD
  Beaded Jewelry
  Other Series
Acrylic Bicone Beads--YB
Acrylic Skull Eye Beads--YO
Acrylic Flower Beads—YC
Packing Details Photos
Decorative Hair Wreath-XFD
Artificial Flower Garland-FHC
Beaded Chains by ring&twist-BCR
popular style in stock-CCS
Beaded Chains by wire-BC
string wire line curtain for wedding&home decortai
ABS Pearl Beaded Curtains-PBC
Clear Acrylic Beads-SAC
Clear Acrylic Pendant-AP
Crystal Chains for Wedding & Chandelier-BCW
Beaded Curtains Usage Show-BCS
Parts of Beaded Chains& Curtain-SZ
Inside Beads-ABB
ABS Pearl Curtain Beads-CCB
Miracle Curtain Beads-YA012
Natural Color Curtain Beads-SAB
crackle transparent decoration beads-CAB
beaded curtains by clasp-BCC
bead in bead curtain-IBC
Chandelier & Decoration Beads-SAC
Iridescent diamond wired curtain-LBC
chandelier & wedding decoration bead-SAC
christmas beads and pendant decoration-XD
Swarovski crystal bead-SC
acrylic plastic beaded spray-APC
acrylic crystal drop-ACD
crystal strands by bowtie clip-ABC
Beaded Fringe Trim on Braid-BFL
Beaded Floral Garland branch-BFG(I)
Crystal wire bouquet jewellry-CWB
beaded christmas tree ornament craft-BCN
Crystal Beaded Tassel Drops-CBT
acrylic table scatter ice-YT
wedding feather decoration
wooden beaded curtain for home
wedding crystal beaded holder-WCB
crystal wedding tree centerpiece-CWT
acrylic beaded chandelier-CH
wine glass charm decoration-WCD
crystal beaded vase craft-CBV
Wedding silk ball with ribbon-WSB
wedding artificial floral petal curtain-WFP(I)
Mix ring beaded curtain-MBC
Decoration beaded flower-BF(I)
decoration mirror crystal bead garland-DMC
bamboo beaded skewers pick with bead-BS
Acrylic faceted beaded flower-AFB(JHB)
Acrylic Rhinestone Ball Bead-ZZB(YP)
chandelier tree hanging garland-HG(CGL)
mixed color faceted round petal flower-FR
Beaded Garland for Christmas Tree Decor-SBG
beaded necklace usage show-BN(JB)
acrylic frosted beaded flower-BBF(JHB)
Acrylic mirror Beads-AJZ
chandelier prism-CDL
Acrylic Heart Beads-YJ
Acrylic Teardrop Beads--YW

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